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  1. Leon Leon

    EMMC 硬盘突然掉了,如何恢复?

  2. Richard Richard

    Is there any option to set the fan to just stay on 100%?
    I have my r86s in my server room so I'm not worried about noise but I am worried about it over heating.
    Also where is the latest BIOS available.

  3. syruce syruce

    after some month with Pfsense i want to go to Opensense, creating usb key OK, plug keyboard ok, reboot ok
    impossible to go to bios ... keyboard not detected, trying other keyboad, ko , an other ko ... how !!?
    if you have some idea :)

    1. @syrucePlease email to [email protected] to handle this,thank you choosing the Gowin R86S!

  4. James Jones James Jones

    What are the dimensions of the fan? Mine is incredibly loud, and I’d love to replace it with something quieter.

    1. @James JonesHi James,please send E-mails to [email protected] to handle this,thank you choosing the Gowin R86S!I will send a new one to change the fan

  5. tommy tommy

    My new R86S cannot go into BIOS.

    1. Andrew Andrew

      @tommyThe del key is the only key I'm aware of to go into BIOS on the R86S (F2 definitely didn't work).
      Note that it'll still take a few seconds before the bios screen appears

  6. Den Den

    I installed a fresh openwrt on the device and am now having issues with the wifi drivers. Only 2.4 ghz seems to work with a specific channel set, no 5 ghz. What version of the iwlwifi do you ship the out of the box openwrt with? Any pointers?

    1. @DenHi Den,David from Gowin R86S team here, which model did you buy? I hope to help,please email to [email protected] for a further discussion,thank you.

  7. David Mackay David Mackay

    I have received an r86s unit. I am unable to login to openwrt. I connect the browser to on eth2. When I try to log in I get an invalid username or password error. I have tried the troubleshooting steps mentioned here: but still can't log in. Can anyone suggest anything else? Also, can you give me the location of an image that I can use to reflash openwrt if nothing else works?

    1. @David MackayHi David,please directly send email to [email protected] to get a fast solution
      We are the official of Gowin R86S series firewall hardwares.

  8. Greetings. I am head of operations for EntryPoint Networks.
    We purchase thousands of desktop network appliances each year and I would like to work with someone to get a few R86S units to test and a volume quote. We will also need to understand your ability to supply large volumes.
    Thank you.

    1. @Bruce PattersonHi Bruce.I have got it and let's keep discussion of the R86S,we can work it out!